Type 1 Technology & Resources

We're living in a time where technology is developing at a significant rate and there are huge advances being made in tech to help type 1 diabetes management.  This page is dedicated to bringing you information on Type 1 Technology and we'll be adding more resources soon for you to use, share and signpost and we'll let you know when they're available.

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Insulin Delivery Systems

Pen injections
Tethered/Tubed Pumps
Patch Pumps
Connected Pens
I-Port Advance

Tethered/Tubed Pumps

Insulin is delivered from a small pump device through a tube into a cannula, which sits just under the skin and has to be replaced every 2-3 days. Controlled using the insulin pump and/or a handheld pump device.

Patch pumps

Insulin held in a small pod/patch connected to a cannula and attached to the skin, which needs to be changed every 2-3 days. Controlled via handheld device connected by Bluetooth.

Connected Pens

Insulin is injected into the skin through a needle. Data is held in the pen and can be uploaded for review.

Roche, Insulet Omnipod, Medtronic, Medtrum, T:Slim, Novo Nordisk

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Glucose Monitoring Systems

Finger Prick Monitoring
Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM)
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Flash Glucose Monitoring

Also known as intermittent CGM (ICGM). A small sensor reads glucose level in interstitial fluid and when scanned with reader or phone gives glucose reading and pattern of previous 8 hours. Alarms can be set for high and/or low readings and/or signal lost’ (only Libre2)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

A small sensor reads glucose level in interstitial fluid and automatically sends realtime data to reader or phone to be viewed at any time. Options to set alarms for high and/or low readings. Some CGM devices can also be used as part of a hybrid closed loop system.

Finger Prick Monitoring

Finger prick monitoring systems comprise of a reader and a strip which is inserted into the reader to measure the blood glucose level.  A finger is pricked by an finger pricker to produce a drop of blood, the strip is brought into contact with the blood and the reader then measures the blood glucose level.

Flash: Abbott (Libre 1 and 2)
CGM: Medtronic (Guardian G3 and G4) Medtrum-CGM, Dexcom (DexcomeOne G6 and G7) Abbott (Libre3)

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Hybrid Closed Loop Systems

Hybrid Closed Loops

A pump working together with a CGM.

Not all combinations of pump/CGM available.


Insulin is delivered via a pump under the control of data coming from the CGM via an algorithm which is either held within the pump or on a phone app.

Insulin is automatically adjusted based on the predicted glucose levels. The individual still needs to enter the carbohydrates and let the pump know when activity / exercise is taking place so that adjustments to insulin can be made.

Medtronic 780G, CamAPS|FX, t:slim with control-IQ technology

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Data Uploading

Hand Written Diary
Industry Generated

Why is uploading Data important?

Uploading data gives the individual/ family and diabetes team valuable information to support diabetes management decisions and to help make informed insulin and treatment adjustments.


Generic data analysis systems speed up the efficiency of diabetes teams by reducing the number of software packages needed to view data in clinics. However, not all devices are compatible with generic systems.

Industry Generated

Industry developed systems allow upload of individual company devices for personal self management and to share data with medical teams.

All offer extensive and similar reporting options

Tidepool, Glooko, Diasend, Dexcom Clarity, LibreView, Carelink, EasyView.

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If you are wanting to know how to access technology or what technology is available to you then the following guides may help you start the conversation with your diabetes team:

Type 1 Diabetes : A Consensus Guideline

NICE NG18 (in particular sections 1.2.62-64)

Please find below some films and resources that discuss & explain more about diabetes technologies.

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