Type 1 Diabetes Stories

Welcome to DigiBete's Type 1 Diabetes Stories page where you can find stories from across the website in one place. These stories cover all ages, interests and are here to support you and your family on your type 1 diabetes journey.


Welcome to our Type 1 Diabetes Stories Page:

Here you’ll find a wide range of stories from across the DigiBete site which are direct from the type 1 diabetes community.  These are great to watch and you can share them with family, friends and your community to help them understand a little more of what it’s like living with type 1.

These are personal stories so any advice given to do with self-management will work for the individual in the film.  If you have any questions about managing type 1 diabetes and what will work for you then contact your local diabetes team for support.


Douglas Cairns - Flying With Type 1 Diabetes

Meet Douglas as he shares his story of his life as a pilot with Type 1 Diabetes.

Jessica's Story

Meet Jessica as she talks about living with Type 1 Diabetes

Dan's Story

Meet Dan as he talks about his life living with Type 1 Diabetes

Emma's Story

Meet Emma as she talks about living with type 1 diabetes.

Tomas' Story

Meet Tomas as he talks about living with type 1 diabetes.

Isaac Coleman - Tackling Type 1

Meet Isaac and hear his story of how diabetes tech has enabled his journey with Bradford Bulls.

Benji's Story - My Life with T1D

Benji is 13 years old and this is his T1D story in his own words

Milly's Story

Here's Milly giving us some insight into her life with T1D


Find out how Gavin manages T1D around running marathons

Teddy and Casey

Teddy and Casey


Be inspired by: Chris Bright

Jake's Story

This is Jake's story about his life managing T1D

Alice and Holly's Story

Here's a film about Alice and Holly. Alice has Type 1 Diabetes and Holly is her Medical Alert Assistance Dog. Inseparable friends with an incredible story: For more information on Medical Alert Assistance Dogs please visit their website and see the great work that they do

Jody's Family Story

My Beautiful Type 1 Family

Ryan's Story

Find out how Ryan manages T1D and football

Sophie's Story

Sophie's Story

Laura's Story

Meet Laura... she's had an incredible journey with type 1 diabetes. Watch her inspirational story with JDRF and her recent trip to lobby congress at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Dylan's Story

Meet Dylan.... a keen BMXer and see how he manages his Type 1 Diabetes on the track.

Sheku's Story

Sheku Kanneh-Mason plays the cello and won the BBC's Young Musician 2016 competition. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 12. In this short film he shares his passion for music and how he manages his diabetes around his busy schedule.

Tahlia's Story

Meet Tahlia as she talks about living with type 1 diabetes.

Ellie's Story

In this film Ellie talks about her life with T1D and her struggles