Team – Roles, Responsibilities & Remuneration

Management Team – Roles, Responsibilities & Remuneration

DigiBete was set up as a not for profit, social enterprise with the objective of providing much needed, digital resources for children and young people with Type 1 Diabetes. Developed in partnership with Leeds Children’s Hospital Paediatric Diabetes Team, the award-winning DigiBete platform offers awareness, education, training and support to the Type 1 community, free to use, when required.

The core management team of DigiBete consists of 3 executive directors and 3 non-executive directors with one parent representative.

Of the 3 executive directors, Maddie and Rob Julian are paid to manage the DigiBete platform and new DigiBete App on a day to basis, supporting our community of more than 50,000 users. John Hughes provides financial and administrative support on an unpaid, voluntary basis. All three are founding shareholders of the community interest company.

The 3 non-executive directors, Dr Fiona Campbell, Caroline Mullier and Frances Hanson, are employed by Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and allowed to spend a designated amount of time supporting DigiBete CIC. They provide essential clinical guidance and oversight and clinical approval to the content provided. They hold no shares in the CIC, receive no remuneration and have no other financial interest.

Our parent representative, Lynn Dunion, also provides her services on a voluntary basis.