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Welcome to the Key Stage 3 & 4 School’s Resource Page

If you are teaching or supporting a young person with Type 1 Diabetes then we hope we can help you to gain a better understanding of what it all means for the young person and how you can best support them to reach their full potential in school.

We’ve created a series of films funded by the Morrisons Foundation to model best practice for supporting young people living with Type 1 Diabetes and attending Secondary School and we hope these will support you and the student(s) in your care.

Here are some films for all staff to help gain a better awareness of what it’s like to have/manage Type 1 Diabetes in school

Whole Staff Meeting - Key Stage 3&4

This film could be watched by all staff in school to get a better awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and how it can affect students in the school environment

Teachers & Teaching Assistants Training Film - Key Stage 3 & 4

This film could be viewed by Teachers and Teaching Assistants together to get a better understanding of how to manage Type 1 Diabetes in the classroom and beyond

Why is good care important to young people?

Young people across all key stages discuss why good care in school is so important

Good care in school is really important and the resources on this page are a guide to how students can be better supported in school.


If you have any questions then your diabetes team are available and happy to help.

Here are some films to help support you, your colleagues and your students with Type 1 Diabetes in school giving an insight into how to manage Sports & Exercise, Exams and how High and Low Blood Glucose levels can affect the brain.

Brain Changes with High or Low Blood Glucose Levels - Key Stage 3&4

This film discusses what happens in the brain when a student has high or low blood glucose levels

Managing Sports & Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes - Key Stage 3&4

This film discusses how to manage sports and exercise for students in school

Exams & Hypoglycaemia

This film discusses how to manage exams if a student has low blood glucose levels

Exams & Hyperglycaemia

This film discusses how to manage exams if a student has high blood glucose levels

Preparing for Exams with Type 1 Diabetes

This film discusses what you need to do to prepare for exams

Here are some useful guides and downloads for you to find out more about what schools need to do to manage Type 1 Diabetes in the school environment

Here are the government guidelines to help you plan the care you provide in school to ensure the young people in your care achieve their full potential in school


If you have any questions, or you’re not sure then just ask for help


Contact your Diabetes Team – they are there to help