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Air Liquide Healthcare are the authorised UK distributor of the Tandem Diabetes Care innovative t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump. The latest version of the t:slim X2™ features Control-IQ™ Technology – an advanced hybrid closed-loop technology designed to help increase time in range, as measured by CGM, by predicting and helping prevent both highs and lows.

t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

The pump’s sleek design is combined with a host of advanced features:

  • The pump that gets updated, not outdated. The t:slim X2 is the only pump that allows you to remotely update features via a personal computer.
  • 38% smaller than other CGM enabled pumps (around the size of your credit card) and can hold up to 300 units of insulin.
  • With all the information you need provided by intuitive menus you can track and make adjustments anytime. 
  • Coupled with touchscreen technology, the t:slim X2 is simple to learn, teach and use. 
  • Personalise your pump with up to six unique profiles to tailor your insulin delivery to your changing needs throughout the day.

“t:slim X2 with a choice of two algorithms”

Control-IQ Technology


Keeping your blood glucose in range can be stressful and time consuming. Control-IQ is an advanced hybrid closed-loop technology designed to help increase time in range, as measured by CGM, helping reduce both highs and lows.

  • Automatically adjusts insulin levels based on Dexcom G6® continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) readings.
  • Delivers automatic correction boluses using predicted CGM values for 30 minutes in the future and makes a maximum of one automated correction per hour to help prevent hyperglycaemia.
  • Includes optional settings for Sleep and Exercise that adjust range of treatment values for more control.
  • Allows the user to manually bolus for meals.
  • Cannot be used with Basal-IQ® Technology – only one algorithm can be used at any one time.

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“People with Diabetes can set goals and achieve them. When I was in my teens, I didn’t want a pump but it’s helped me significantly. It’s eliminated overnight hypos and the Control-IQ function on the t:slim linking with the Dexcom G6 helps me to safely climb mountains and cycle  hundreds of miles a year. Diabetes never goes away but it doesn’t stop you doing what you want in life!”

Andrew Drummond

Basal-IQ Technology


Whether you’re asleep, hard at work, exercising, or just going about your day, the t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ® Technology can help you spend less time worrying about lows and more time living your life.

Basal-IQ Technology is a predictive low-glucose algorithm, which predicts and helps reduce the frequency and duration of low-glucose events. The technology works alongside the Dexcom G6® Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to operate in the background without constant input from the user.

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We offer face to face or online training based on the choice of the pump user and their healthcare team. We also have a range of additional online training modules for all users, regardless of their chosen method of training.

You can view all our instructional videos for pump users here…

My t:slim X2 online training was super easy, thorough and really enjoyable– Claire

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