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Welcome to our Siblings page

If you have a brother or Sister who has been Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, you might have lots of questions.  We are currently building this page and would really value your feedback on what you’d like to see on this page and how we could best support you.  You can contact us via email: or in the meantime enjoy our films featuring other young people who have brothers and sisters living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Animated Explainer

An animated explainer video introducing Type 1 Diabetes

What Is Type 1 Diabetes?

In this film Dr. Yong explains what Type 1 Diabetes is.

Type 1 Teens Talk Support - Trying New Things

Trying New Things

Teddy and Casey

Teddy and Casey

Type 1 Teens Talk Support - Why Meet Up

Type 1 Teens Talk Support - Why Meet Up

My Beautiful Type 1 Family

In this short film you'll meet an incredible family with 5 children, 3 with Type 1 Diabetes and find out how they manage day-to-day with T1D.

Here’s a collection of downloadable & interactive resources for you to use whenever you need them, wherever you are.