Update for iPhone Users Upgrading to iOS17

Update for iPhone Users Upgrading to iOS17

11 Dec 2023

Update for iPhone Users Upgrading to iOS17


We wanted to let you know, we have been made aware that the latest operating system update for iPhone users (iOS17) may have caused some changes to the Calendar permissions.

“In iOS 16, Apple allowed users to enable or disable individual app access to their calendars using a simple on/off toggle, but that was about all you could do. In iOS 17, by contrast, there are now three options instead of just two. You can give apps Full Access to your calendars, allow them to Add Events Only, or revoke access completely with a None option”

Both the notification screen and appointment screen rely on the DigiBete app being able to have full access to the device calendar.  Without the permissions granted, you won’t see new items on the notification screen or be able to see appointments.

If you are are affected, the solution is to go to the device Settings > DigiBete App > Calendars > and select Full Access.

When you then go back to the app, it should refresh itself, and then notifications should show.  You should also then be able to add appointments in the My T1D section.

We hope this helps.

Many thanks from all at Team DB : )