Share your story and influence diabetes services.

Share your story and influence diabetes services.

31 Jan 2022

Share your story and influence diabetes services.


What story would you tell to healthcare professionals about your journey through life with Type 1 diabetes?

You might have just started on your journey, or travelled some distance already. But however long you have been living with Type 1 diabetes, you will have a story to tell! (Possibly many stories!)

The Children and Young Peoples Diabetes Network is using a story collector called SenseMaker for people with diabetes and their families to explain what life is really like with Type 1 diabetes.

In the SenseMaker, you can write about the things you have learned on your journey, and the people who you have met along the way. You can mention things that helped, and things that didn’t. There are some questions that will help you say what matters most to you.

This survey is completely anonymous and won’t be shared directly with anybody involved in your care. So you can be as honest as you want to be. The things you write will be read by researchers looking for ways to improve care services for children and young people, and families. Your story will help those researchers find ways for healthcare professionals to help and support people who are living with Type 1 diabetes.

You can have a look at the SenseMaker using one of the links below – remember to click on the one that applies to you!

Children and young people

Family and caregivers

Thank you for reading this message – and if you decide to take part, thank you for that as well!

Team DB : )