30 Apr 2021



This is an important announcement:

We have been made aware of a video on the network of Baba Ramdev- a spiritual guru based in India which claims of “a cure to Type 1 Diabetes and taking individuals off Insulin”.

We are aware that some people in this country follow him and also respect and appreciate that Ayurvedic roots go back more than 5000 years in India. However, Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune condition in which the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed. Without insulin, a person with Type 1 Diabetes cannot survive.

As clinical organisations, we would strongly refute the claims made in the videos and urge patients to consult their doctors before undertaking any intervention based on these messages which can cause harm.

If you know of anyone who as recently been diagnosed can you please let them know about this.

Many thanks

Team DB