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CamAPS FX closed-loop insulin delivery system

Every day with type 1 diabetes is different and CamAPS FX has been designed to help make living life with type 1 diabetes easier.

CamAPS FX is an advanced hybrid closed-loop system that automatically adjusts your pump insulin dose based on sensor glucose readings.

This sophisticated system has been designed to be very easy-to-use and has been rigorously tested over the last 15 years.  Research is ongoing to learn more about closed-loop therapy and the app is regularly updated to keep enriching CamAPS’s functionality.

It is the only closed-loop system available that is suitable to be used from 1 years of age and up, including during pregnancy.  It can support a body weight of 10-300kg and total insulin daily needs of 5 – 350 units per day, allowing it to grow with you throughout your life journey.

The CamAPS FX closed-loop app is downloaded onto your personal android smartphone and receives glucose data from your sensor every 5 minutes and adjusts the insulin on your insulin pump every 8-12 minutes, making it very responsive to daily life.

CamAPS FX continually learns and adjusts to your needs, whilst still giving you the freedom to personalise settings, discreetly bolus from your phone as well as automatically share data with loved ones and your diabetes team.

Online training and recorded webinars to support you understand more about CamAPS FX is available on CamDiab’s training website.

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