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Welcome to the 8-9’s page!

Here you’ll find stories and videos to help you and your family manage your Type 1 Diabetes.  Why not watch and learn together with your family or show your friends or school.

If you find these resources useful, ask your local diabetes team for a code to use the DigiBete App.  Learn more about it by clicking here


This is Jake's story about his life managing T1D

Top Tips to Help Manage Your Child’s BG

Always try to give Insulin 15 minutes before food if a BG reading is above 4 mmol/L

Stop! Think! Act!

What is the BG reading telling you?  Is a correction needed?

Exercise can be tricky, but if managed well, will help your child’s BG

Below are films based on ‘The Goals of Diabetes’ structured education programme for children, young people and their families living with Type 1 Diabetes.  These films show Amenah and Jake managing their Diabetes well with the support of their families. 

More films with different scenarios will appear over the coming months… Enjoy!

Please remember, these filmed scenarios are all individual and are designed to be used as examples of real families managing their Type 1 Diabetes. They are intended to be used as a complementary resource and therefore you will need to contact your own Diabetes team for any specific medical advice.

Hypoglycaemia or Hypo (8-9's)

Hypoglycaemia or Hypo

Hyperglycaemia or Hyper (8-9's)

Hyperglycaemia or Hyper (8-9s)

Sick Day Rules

In this film Dr Fiona Campbell talks you through 5 straight forward steps for managing illness with Type 1 Diabetes

Food (8-9's)

Food (8-9's)

Emotional Wellbeing (8-9's)

Emotional Wellbeing (8-9s)

Diabetes Knowledge (8-9's)

Diabetes Knowledge (8-9s)