DigiBete and JDRF New Collaboration

DigiBete and JDRF New Collaboration

22 Jul 2022

DigiBete and JDRF New Collaboration


We have some really exciting news to share with you!

JDRF and DigiBete partner up to support young people living with type 1 diabetes

Today (Friday 22 July), DigiBete and JDRF are delighted to announce that they are going to work together to provide children, young people and their families with the information and support they need to live life well with type 1 diabetes.

The collaboration between the type 1 diabetes charity (JDRF) and the video platform and app (DigiBete) will enable both organisations to pool resources and co-create information about a broad range of subjects from daily management to nutrition and wellbeing. The content will be developed with the help of influencers, youth ambassadors and young people with type 1.

The number of children and young people being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is increasing each year*. There has never been a greater need to provide young people and their families with support and information about type 1 diabetes.

Working together to amplify our engagement with young people and their families, the partnership will also encourage more young people to become involved in type 1 research and advocacy work, helping them to shape future treatments as well as local and national healthcare services in a way that benefits everyone living with type 1.

Karen Addington, Chief Executive at JDRF said: “I’m thrilled that we’re going to be working more closely with DigiBete in the future. This collaboration will help us to engage with more children, young people and their families, giving them a strong foundation to manage their type 1 into adulthood, where we will continue to support them.”

Ellie (18) one of DigiBete’s Champions said: “DigiBete helped me to come to terms with my diagnosis of type one by helping me see I wasn’t alone in the challenges I faced, it also helped my family & carers who could access resources to understand what I dealt with day to day and how they could help support me with this.  By collaborating with JDRF – a charity first introduced to me right after my diagnosis, DigiBete will be able to spread more information backed by the research of JDRF & together they will be able to reach more young diabetics who would benefit from the work undertaken by both JDRF and DigiBete.”

Dr Fiona Campbell OBE at DigiBete said: “We are extremely proud to be collaborating with JDRF to provide even more support to families throughout their journey with diabetes. This collaboration will strengthen the support available to all and will make such a difference to the community living with type 1 diabetes. It will enable us to work jointly on some of the big challenges our community faces.”

*Figures taken from the national paediatric Audit 2020/2021


Stay tuned for more on our new and exciting collaboration.


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