COVID-19 Survey from the Families With Diabetes National Network (FWDNN)

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18 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Survey from the Families With Diabetes National Network (FWDNN)

Over the last couple of months life has become very different in these unprecedented times. One of the challenges families have had to face is navigating through a sudden transition to remote care. Hospitals have had to establish virtual diabetes clinics and have had to offer remote care, with very little warning. There will, undoubtably, be positives and negatives for different families with regards to remote care. There will be various factors which influence individual experiences, such as access to internet, time since diagnosis and a lot will be dependent on the technical devices each patient has.

The Families With Diabetes National Network (FWDNN) have been tasked by Fiona Campbell, Chair of the Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network (CYPDN), to establish the views of parents receiving remote care during lockdown, as Clinicians are really keen to hear from families about their thoughts and feelings on their virtual experiences. Knowledge gained from what we have learnt during COVID 19 will in the future be fed into any redesigning of the service. Establishing virtual diabetes clinics to complement out-patient care may be something to be considered in the future, if that is what families want.

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