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Welcome to Frances' Kitchen.   A series of simple, scrumptious, carb-counted recipes that you can easily create at home.  

Frances is a Diabetes Dietitian working with the Leeds Children's Hospital Diabetes Team and in the following film she introduces you to her series and explains how important healthy home cooking is for type 1 diabetes management.  

An Introduction to Frances' Kitchen

You can download Frances' recipes so that you can easily try them at home.

Enjoy and bon appetit

Healthy & Warming Vegetable Soup

In this video Frances takes you through the simple steps to make a healthy and warming vegetable soup.  Perfect for all the family on those colder days.

Pasta Bolognese

Here's a great recipe for the family!  A yummy pasta bolognese.  Frances shows you how to make a great pasta sauce which you can use to make a scrummy meat or veggie version.  It's also a great base for a chilli.

Sushi Segway

Sushi is becoming increasingly popular as a low fat, healthy lunch alternative and there are fish and vegetarian options for all to enjoy.  Frances introduces you to a selection and shows you how to carb count them. 

As they say in Japan... itadakimasu! (Let's Eat!)

Pizza - 3 Ways

Homemade pizza can have much less fat than a pizza bought from a supermarket or from a takeaway.  Making them at home is a great, fun way to involve children in cooking… making and kneading dough, choosing toppings, decorating them, cooking them and of course, eating them.  

In this film, Frances shows you 3 different ways to make pizzas at home which all depend on how much time you have and how much mess you want to make!


Slow-Cooked Chicken Casserole

If you're looking for an easy-to-make, healthy balanced meal for all the family, then this recipe for slow-cooked chicken casserole is the one for you.  In this film, Frances takes you through the simple steps to make a delicious chicken casserole in a slow cooker but don't rush out and buy one if there isn't one at home... you can use a big saucepan or oven-proof dish and it will be just as tasty. 

Enjoy : )

More yummy recipes coming to this section soon!