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Talking About Diabetes (TAD) and TADpole Event - Royal College Of Physicians 11 St Andrews Pl, London

London NW1 4LE

A fantastic opportunity to work with us and meet lots of other families living with Type 1 Diabetes

TAD talks aim to bring together individuals who have inspirational stories to share in the context of living with diabetes. The goal is to inspire us to think differently about diabetes; removing barriers and harnessing innovation and new technologies. We aim to generate discussion and new thinking through shared experience.

This year’s TADpole event at our TADtalk 2018 is in collaboration with us @ Digibete. The aim of the TADpole day will be for the young people attending to create an encouraging video that they would like to be available to show to someone of a similar age who has just been diagnosed. We will allow the creativity of the young people to dictate how this video is produced and we will upload to this website and to the TAD platform.